2018 Honda Civic Type R Specs

2018 Honda Civic Type R Specs

2018 Honda Civic Type R Specs “FK8” – “K20C1”

The specs are beyond impressive for a Front Wheel Drive car and we finally get a taste here in the United States.

2018 Type R Specs

How much power does the Type R Have?

At 306 Horsepower and 295 ft-lbs of Torque, the K20C1 Engine is nothing to take lightly. The new Type R engine consist of a Turbocharged, VTEC , Earth Dreams, 2.0 litre, 4-Cylinder Engine and one of the most noticeable features is that the turbocharger is bolted directly to the head of the engine, unlike most aftermarket turbocharged honda setups.

The Earth Dreams K20C1 is the first Honda Type R engine to be built in the USA at the Honda Anna Engine Plant in Anna, Ohio

The 86mm Pistons seem to take the power well and the 85.9 mm Rods have not shown any signs of bending.

Another unique and unusual thing you will see is the three exhaust coming out of the center of the rear of the Type R.

At low RPM exhaust gas is streaming out of all three pipes in order to create a very dynamic, ‘roaring’ sound. At mid and high RPM, the middle pipe creates a certain negative pressure, which reduces the booming noise in the cabin. We can amplify the exhaust sound, but by controlling the exhaust flow we can also reduce the noise we want to avoid in certain operational conditions.”

How much control does the Type R have?

We also get a sixth gear for the high top speeds that this car has seen at over 170mph. A Six-Speed transmission with a rev matching control system. You can also turn off the rev matching system if you wish.

There is also a great deal of stopping power when you need to take a tight turn or slow down at the end of a track. The Type R has been equipped with massive Brembo brakes, 13.8″ Cross Drilled Rotors in the front and 12″ rotors for the rear with 20″ alloy wheels wrapped in 245/30R/20 Continental ContiSportContact 6 tires.

To help prevent torque steer, Honda has developed a Type R specific spring, damper and bushing settings with a Dual-Axis front chassis. Aluminum lower control arms and steering knuckles, a helical limited-slip differential is also standard and three-chamber dampers are a part of a passive adaptive suspension system.

2018 Type R Wheels

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